Developing Your Signature - A 45 minute workshop supplying you with the tools necessary to be a successful speaker in any arena.What makes speakers great is their ability to make a strong connection with the audience using their unique signature. This educational will help you develop your individually unique signature message.

It's Time - I have been and still am a dreamer to this day. From being a world class ballroom dancer to running marathons to being a finalists at the world championships of public speaking I know the intrinsic benefits of following a dream.  This is a funfilled 45 minute keynote address to encourage the audience that it's time to follow a dream. 

Living in Harmony With Our Children - This is a keynote address from my book that helps to shed light on why children do what they do. The development of this book and keynote comes from my experience as a child, my experience as a parent, and my experience as an educator.